The company that makes entrepreneurs.

RAVEES INC’s parent company, SRI Systems, was founded as a Staffing agency in 1999. The Internet was becoming a major place of interest for everyone with the introduction of chat rooms, message boards and online personals. SRI started as a home-based business in Woodbrige, NJ, and in no time, because of the Y2K boom, we dropped the ladder and jumped to the elevator.

Today, everything has changed… Who would have thought that open systems would conquer the world? Who could have imagined that natural language would result in machine learning? The world has change completely. Everything has changed. Except for the staffing industry. Almost nothing has changed in the staffing industry. The concepts are the same, the methodology is the same, the roles are the same, even the pay rate is the same. The future of the consulting industry is never going to change, unless some new ideas pop up. Now the idea has arrived in the name of ‘Entrepreneur Recruiter’.

Why Choose Us ?

If you could go back in time, would you do things any differently? Many people you know turned entrepreneurs, and you wish you could have been in their shoes. But that’s just history. Your future still awaits your decisions.

We are obsessed with improvement. You’ll find in no time that we are continuously increasing the features we offer, and are refining our services to improve results. Your bottom line? Kick start with Entreprenueur Recruiter. We believe that you are a success story waiting to happen. Let’s talk about creating history, not about history.

If you are not one of our Entrepreneur Recruiters yet, please consider yourself for your future. We want to be a part of your success story. And you will be a part of our's.


1.We make you independent.
2.97% Revenue Retention & Revenue Growth.
3.Handle onboarding, compliance and payroll of the talent
4.Packeged Payroll Funding, Insurance, Workers Compensation, Errors and Omissions Insurance, and much more.
5.Statement of Cash Flows for transparency.
6.Access to Database.

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