Interested in hiring great talent? Want to streamline overhead costs? Entrepreneurial Recruiter model is the best model for such demands. It offers a variety of options to deliver the right solution for companies with staffing needs in this growing and ever-competitive industry.


Welcome to entrepreneurial recruiter, where the mind overpowers (remove space in between) the machine. Our personalized recruiter screening process will help find the best candidate. Our recruiters are different from the rest of the world: each recruiter will consistently and constantly stay in touch with the talent. It is not like an instant Google search or a quick browse through a job portal. Each talent is like an employee of a recruiter, and the recruiters take care of the talent really well, which is why all the recruiters here are known as ‘entrepreneurial recruiters’. Since all the recruiters at RAVEESINC are entrepreneurial recruiters, it does not follow the ‘post-and-pray’ model. Understanding the talent’s strength in functional as well as in technical knowledge, is what the entrepreneurial recruiters talent is. This is why we say, “If there is talent, we have it.”

Yes, you read it correctly. If there is talent, RAVEESINC has it, and by hiring the best talent, you will get what you deserve. Getting 97% of the net amount is amazing, isn’t it?


Congratulations! You are one step closer to becoming an entrepreneurial recruiter! Searching for the right talent is very tough. Most of the hiring managers would first ask how the recruiter found the talent. Long time relationship is the right answer. A good recruiter will not just look for a job for the talent, but for a career.

Send your details to info@raveesinc.com to qualify for the entrepreneurial recruiter.


I am the Talent, I Need a Job: At RAVEES INC, We build entrepreneurial recruiters. Depending on your Domain/Functional/Technical knowledge, we will put you to the right recruiter, who will contact you to build a relation with you and understand you. It may take time, but we can guarantee that they will put you in the right career.